What is Real Astrology

The Quest for Answers Through Examining One’s Astrological Chart

real astrology questReal astrology is accurate, helpful, and meaningful to an individual’s personal circumstances and life. It offers insight to real problems and situations a person is dealing with. Real astrology goes beyond fluff and new age platitudes and delivers substance and information that a person can use. An astrological interpretation of your chart covers career aspects, what your natural talents are, how successful your career prospects are, and when changes and opportunities in career are present. Relationship and marriage is another standard prediction that a qualified astrologer will discuss. The type of relationship, the nature of relationships and certain karmic patterns that the soul incarnated to deal with should be covered. Finances will be discussed, as well as educational opportunities, spiritual inclinations, family life, health, friendships, travel, and other aspects of life that are common to all.

chakra ajnaIn order for an astrologer to do this they must have studied a vast amount of astrological techniques in order to have the appropriate skill. There are several schools of astrology and students of the art usually gravitate towards a type of astrological consultation after sampling courses in various disciplines. In fact it isn’t much different than going to undergraduate school for a particular degree, for example engineering, or medicine. One learns the fundamentals then specializes in an area.

In astrology it is similar. There are two main avenues to pursue, Western or Eastern.  Western astrology is based upon Hellenistic text, most which have their foundation from Mesopotamia sources. Today it is called traditional astrology, which is the foundation for modern western astrology which includes the interpretation in the chart of planets beyond Saturn.

Vedic astrology also called Jyotish is the eastern source which has many similarities to Hellenistic principles but follows the sidereal zodiac. Vedic astrology is the system of choice in India, where it began. It is extremely fate oriented and perhaps better suited to societies where people believe stronger in a predestined life in which their personal ability to make changes within a society structure is limited.  Vedic astrology is harder to swallow for many western individuals who embrace the power of being able to create one’s own destiny through hard work and self-introspection and change.

Within western astrology there is psychological astrology, and sub branches within that division such as Jungian astrology. Financial astrology is another specialty of western astrology, where astrologers specialize in forecasting the stock market and commodity futures. Relocation or astrocartography is another specialty, this is where your astrologer will find a place for you to live that will vibrate well with your spirit and be a suitable place to develop the aspects of your life that are most important to you. For some it is moving to a place to find love, others to enhance their career and financial prospects, and for some others it is to move to a place that is best for their spiritual well-being.

real astrologyLearning the basic fundamentals of astrology is essential before veering off into a specialty. Just imagine if your heart surgeon skip primary medical training and decided to jump into learning how to do heart transplants without understanding the science behind the rest of how the human body works. It wouldn’t happen. You may be fascinated with a branch of astrology and want to dive into that. However without the ABC’s  of the chart you can make major misinterpretations.

Finding Sources of Real Astrology

There are many instructors across the globe that can teach you astrology as well as professional astrology organizations and online astrology courses. If funds are limited then begin with reading the literature available. You can purchase astrology books from used book stores or online for reasonable cost. In addition there are various sources on YouTube and on the web that offer free teachings. However, and this is a big one, please do your research on which astrologers are good as I have read and listened to many astrologers on YouTube  who clearly do not have fundamental training and say things that are not true. (Such as eclipses only happen in the fall and spring, or say certain degrees are critical degrees and they are not, the list goes on and on.) Therefore please if you are wanting to learn astrology for real, begin with good training. Yes it is costly but in the end you too could call yourself a real astrologer.

If you are wanting to learn astrology for fun and as a hobby, then begin with going to conferences and joining your local astrology club and an organization or two. You will soon learn what and who you need to learn from. If you want to learn astrology to be your own astrologer to predict your future, then save yourself time and money and find a good astrologer that uses a system of astrology that feels right to you.

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