Real Astrologers Versus Fake Astrologers

Real Astrologers Versus Fake Astrologers How to Know The Difference 

real astrology angel answersIf you are already an astrologer and reading this post you will be thinking NSS (no shit Sherlock) but there are a lot of people who are searching through the web to find answers to real problems in their life and need to have a few guidelines and a heads up in order to avoid wasting their money and disappointment.

If you don’t know anything about astrology except that it can give you answers, then it is important to learn how to know fake astrologers from the real deal.

I understand why it can be easy to fall prey to websites that are promising answers to life’s most difficult situations, especially when they are offering 5 minutes free. Some of these psychic shops that have chats and phone in hot lines that have a multitude of individuals to choose from will include people that call themselves a professional astrologer. In most cases these individuals have read a book or two, had their own chart done perhaps, and think they can qualify from that. And granted, some who work the hot lines are just getting into the field and may have had some training and need to begin somewhere.

In these circumstances you will not be getting a qualified astrologer, and many times a fake astrologer. What is a fake astrologer you ask?? They don’t have a clue beyond what you know. The signs of the zodiac. If someone is calling themselves an astrologer, and you begin to ask them “What house system do you use and why?” and they avoid the question, they don’t know crap. These people usually are not only fake astrologers but con artist who will start off telling you a few predictions, then start telling you that there is a curse on you and they need money to remove the curse. Don’t laugh, I know people whose life was so unhappy and felt cursed that they fell for this trap and ended up forking over everything they had until the fraud drained their resources.

real astrology find astrologerIt goes without saying anyone who says they can tell your future through a generic fill out this form and you get an automatic reply… that is another signal. Usually what follows is you have a curse on you, or your lover is cheating and I can bring him back to you bullshit. Delete and mark as spam. This is different than asking a real astrologer to send your astrology chart, that can be computer generated. Of course it will mean nothing to you as it is only a bunch of funny symbols in a circle until you study astrology and learn how to read it. You can even get a generic astrology report that is computer generated, but still this is extremely simplified and not what a well-trained and educated professional astrologer will do for you.

How To Find Real Astrologers

One of the reasons it is easy to get pulled into paying for a reading from these sites is they have the appearance of being affordable as a qualified astrologers fee can be daunting for some individuals, even for those in the more developed countries as the cost of living is high and the paycheck doesn’t have allot left over after the bills.

If you do not have the money to pay a professional astrologer, which in most cases is over $100, then take it as a message that what is best for your spiritual development is to become involved in learning astrology on your own, and in self-introspection to understand the obstacles that are in your subconscious creating a block in prosperity.  Sometimes not having the funds to pay an authentic and qualified astrologer is a message to go within and get in touch with your own inner divinity and guidance. In the end you will be grateful you avoided at best, time and money wasted and at worst, a fraud.