This website is all about informing those who are new to astrology what real astrology is all about. 

I have known people who have been betrayed, conned and bewildered by people who have called themselves astrologers, as well as have had well meaning friends who said they knew some astrology and were willing to read my chart scare the bejesus out of me, even though they admitted they knew just enough to be dangerous.

I have also had astrology readings by several very good astrologers both Vedic and western who help me immensely through  very difficult times, divorce, major financial problems, relocation, and getting back on my feet and finding love and meaningful work.

I am a student of astrology and attend conferences whenever I can take the time to go. I am always fascinated with how much there is to learn and how different astrologers approach the same chart but still, (when they are good) seem to come to the same conclusion.

For this reason I put together this simple website. If you have had a bad experience with psychics or tarot readers, as I have, consider tracking down an astrologer with a proven record.