What is Real Astrology

The Quest for Answers Through Examining One’s Astrological Chart

real astrology questReal astrology is accurate, helpful, and meaningful to an individual’s personal circumstances and life. It offers insight to real problems and situations a person is dealing with. Real astrology goes beyond fluff and new age platitudes and delivers substance and information that a person can use. An astrological interpretation of your chart covers career aspects, what your natural talents are, how successful your career prospects are, and when changes and opportunities in career are present. Relationship and marriage is another standard prediction that a qualified astrologer will discuss. The type of relationship, the nature of relationships and certain karmic patterns that the soul incarnated to deal with should be covered. Finances will be discussed, as well as educational opportunities, spiritual inclinations, family life, health, friendships, travel, and other aspects of life that are common to all.

chakra ajnaIn order for an astrologer to do this they must have studied a vast amount of astrological techniques in order to have the appropriate skill. There are several schools of astrology and students of the art usually gravitate towards a type of astrological consultation after sampling courses in various disciplines. In fact it isn’t much different than going to undergraduate school for a particular degree, for example engineering, or medicine. One learns the fundamentals then specializes in an area.

In astrology it is similar. There are two main avenues to pursue, Western or Eastern.  Western astrology is based upon Hellenistic text, most which have their foundation from Mesopotamia sources.… more

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13 Signs, Sidereal, Tropical Astrology What is Real?

Real Astrology:  What is better? Sidereal or Tropical?

And there really 13 signs in the zodiac?

real astrology 13 signsEvery so often a blaze of misinformation splashes across the news with the headline that astrology is all wrong because don’t ‘they’ (meaning in their minds ignorant astrologers) know there are 13 signs in the zodiac with Orpheus between Scorpio and Sagittarius?

First I will address the foolishness of the 13th sign. Orphiuchus is above the ecliptic (except for a brief dip). Astrologers use celestial longitudes and when the Sun enters the longitude of Scorpio it is also entering the longitude of Ophiuchus simultaneously. In order to visualize this imagine being outside starring at the night sky, there is an imaginary boundary or fence of which the planets move up and down. Yet above the fence, (ecliptic) when the sun is moving through Scorpio are more stars, the constellation of Ophiuchus who does have part of its star system dip slightly into Scorpio. Yet the sun is moving through the space of the two constellations at the same time.

Or the other one that astrologers really get a kick out of is when the scientist proudly pat themselves on the back to announce that ha ha those dumb astrologers don’t know about precession of the equinox and that the sun isn’t aligning with Aries when they think it does.

Well the fact is astrologers do know about the precession of the equinox. Ptolemy, an ancient astronomer/astrologer whom all classical astrologers today are familiar with was aware of the precession of the equinox in his treatise Almagest written around 150 CE.… more

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Real Astrologers Versus Fake Astrologers

Real Astrologers Versus Fake Astrologers How to Know The Difference 

real astrology angel answersIf you are already an astrologer and reading this post you will be thinking NSS (no shit Sherlock) but there are a lot of people who are searching through the web to find answers to real problems in their life and need to have a few guidelines and a heads up in order to avoid wasting their money and disappointment.

If you don’t know anything about astrology except that it can give you answers, then it is important to learn how to know fake astrologers from the real deal.

I understand why it can be easy to fall prey to websites that are promising answers to life’s most difficult situations, especially when they are offering 5 minutes free. Some of these psychic shops that have chats and phone in hot lines that have a multitude of individuals to choose from will include people that call themselves a professional astrologer. In most cases these individuals have read a book or two, had their own chart done perhaps, and think they can qualify from that. And granted, some who work the hot lines are just getting into the field and may have had some training and need to begin somewhere.

In these circumstances you will not be getting a qualified astrologer, and many times a fake astrologer. What is a fake astrologer you ask?? They don’t have a clue beyond what you know. The signs of the zodiac. If someone is calling themselves an astrologer, and you begin to ask them “What house system do you use and why?” and they avoid the question, they don’t know crap.… more

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